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For a limited time, we’re offering free die-cuts. That means you will save a minimum of $50 off every custom shaped sticker order. 

It’s kind of an insane deal. You can get 250 die cut stickers starting at $79 delivered to your door.


Order any size sticker, in any quantity, white or clear vinyl, high- quality silkscreen or quick-turn-around digital and we will cut them all into any custom shape you want.. For free! 

Order custom stickers



You’ll save some serious cash.

Simply order your die cut stickers as you normally would. We won’t charge you for the custom shapes. You’ll save a minimum of $50 on each Sticker design you order. Order Today.

There’s No Limit to the savings, but it will only last a couple weeks, so hurry! (Not valid with any other offers.)

The chart below shows our cost vs our competition.

custom sticker pricing company comparison


Freeeeee Shipping!
Did we mention Free Shipping?

All orders within the U.S. will be
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We’ll even throw in a box and some packing tape… How sweet is that?

Introducing the Greatest Sticker Covered Mailbox Ever

There’s never been a question of whether or not Skate Artist, Jimbo Phillips knows how to make rad art. (Spoiler alert for the uninitiated: He absolutely DOES!)

His iconic art style has stood out from the crowd in every industry he’s entered into. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that he has now managed to introduce his work to a new untapped industry…. with the help of his amazing wife and the power of silkscreen stickers!

We are proud to present to you THE. GREATEST. MAILBOX. EVER!

Jimbo Phillips One of a kind Sticker Covered Mailbox Read more

Some Glorious Mikeland® Sticker Packs

Welcome to Mike’s World. Here’s some process pics of some recent Custom Sticker Packs we printed for the crazy talented Mike Mitchell. custom sticker packs for mike michell

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Customer Profile: Custom Stickers by Sticker Bakery

Here’s some great stickers by StickerBakery.com

The Sticker Bakery is a little side project from Alex and Becky Alves, the owners and awesome proprietors of custom silkscreen T-shirt printers, ShirtBakery.com

Alex & Becky typically choose silkscreen printing and always take advantage of our sticker back printing.

Here’s a look at some of their recent stickers…

custom shape die cut robot sticker

Ray Krustwire, Esquire. Full Color Silkscreen Sticker.


Black and White Sticker Back Print.

“Theresa Flowers” Round Silkscreen Sticker


Black and White Sticker Back

Full color die-cut custom shape sticker

“Pigthulu – He who is but not bacon shall Awaken”


Custom Shape Back Print


Check out The glorious StickerBakery.com



100 Day of the Dead Stickers in 29 Seconds…

How many Pop Culture Heroes can you Identify?

Leave a comment below! We’ll pick some winners and send them some of Jose Pulido’s Amazing “Dia De Los Muertos” Stickers!

Over the years, we have printed somewhere around 200,00 custom die-cut stickers for our friend, the talented and prolific Jose Pulido. We’ve sold his custom Die Cut Stickers. We’ve Interviewed him. We’ve celebrated his Awesomeness.

Jose creates & illustrates 100s of “Dia De Los Muertos” Characters, celebrating a perfect marriage of his family’s heritage, the wonderful world of pop culture and his love of stickers. They are always, without fail, a perfect marriage of lines and colors and cultures and close-eyed, wide mouthed, Day of the Dead awesomeness!

Here’s 100 of his silkscreen sticker creations… In 29 seconds.

You can win some stickers by commenting on this blog post and you can also buy them directly from Jose Here.

As Edward Scissor Hands, Yoda and Frida Khalo would say, “Thanks for Checking out the Sticker Robot Blog.”

Tell us how many Pop Culture Heroes you can identify in the comments below!


How to: Easy Home-Made Stickers Packs!

custom home-made sticker packs

Hi. I’m Zombie Yeti, a freelance illustrator (with a heart of gold.) Recently I was asked to attend a gaming convention on very short notice. I needed to shill some wares and sling some merch, so I decided to make some quick and easy Sticker Packs. Here’s my simple home-made sticker pack formula.

(Editor’s Note: We’re giving away some of Zombie Yeti’s Sticker Packs. Like and Comment below to be entered for random drawing!)

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10 Questions with Natural, Outdoor Sticker Specialists, StickerArt.com

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.

Stickerart.com creates some really epic Outdoor Stickers… Beautifully designed, highly iconic, wilderness-centric, weatherproof stickers that create a mysterious feeling of serenity & nostalgia. 

10 Questions interview with StickerArt.com

Bryant Aucoin runs the Colorado-based Sticker Company. He is an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer, an entrepreneur. Years ago, when he and his then girlfriend (and current wife) were on their first of many road trips, they stumbled upon the idea of making stickers and it wasn’t long before Bryant assembled a crew of excellent illustrators and designers, (Kyla Edgar, Tanner Barkin, David Powell, Thiago Bainchini and Laszlo Ede) and embarked upon their new business, Stickerart.com

We sat down with Bryant and fired of some questions, Ten of them to be exact… Come, Read “10 Questions with StickerArt.com.”


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‘My Last Shot’: Colorado high school student’s sticker campaign to end gun violence

It’s been nearly two decades since two gunmen stormed Columbine High School and ended the lives of 13 people. As the 20th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre approaches, Colorado high school students are sending a powerful message via Stickers, in the hope of ending gun violence across the country.  Join the Campaign!

The #MyLastShot Sticker Campaign

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Silkscreen Sticker Printing For The Win



10 Questions with Artist, Illustrator and Sticker Aficionado, N.C. Winters

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.’

Pen in hand, our friend the esteemed San Diego based artist, illustrator and pencil provocateur, N.C. Winters knows his way around a sheet of paper. N.C. draws a lot. He draws from the early morning, over a cup of dark roasted coffee, until the wee hours of morning when he begrudgingly retires to bed. He scrawls on napkins at restaurants and doodles during re-runs of Bob’s Burgers. He even draws in the shower with some kind of magical waterproof paper, where many of his best ideas come from.. 

Wow, you guys were fast. We’re all out of N.C.’s Stickers. If you missed out, get in touch with N.C. Maybe he’s got a secret stash. Note: We are giving away some of N.C.’s awesome new silkscreen Stickers. (We know they are awesome because we printed them.) Leave a comment and Share this post. See detailsbelow. 

an interview about stickers wirth artist NC Winters 
Among his creative pursuits, NC puts a heavy focus on screen prints and posters, ranging from his many self-published art prints to a growing number of concert posters for platinum-selling bands like The Foo Fighters, Primus, and Queens of the Stone Age. He even works on officially licensed movie prints for 20th Century fox, including popular titles like Predator and Alien. 

Stickers play a big role in his work too, where he designs silkscreen stickers which he includes with his hundreds of print orders. We had a proverbial sit down with N.C. (his friends call him N.C. for short) and asked him 10 questions about Stickers… Let’s get to it.

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